Crowder & Scoggins, Ltd. offers representation in all facets of real estate law. We represent many different types of clients, including:

  • Individuals buying or selling single family residences or commercial real estate
  • Small and large businesses buying or selling residential or commercial estate
  • Small and large businesses developing commercial or residential subdivisions
  • Local governments, not only in the regulation of land use, but also in commercial development and the acquisition or sale of real estate

Crowder & Scoggins, Ltd. has real estate experience that includes:

  • Preparation of contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate
  • Representation at closings of real estate sales
  • Preparation of residential and commercial leases
  • Development incentives
  • Zoning and land use
  • Litigation
  • Partition (the division or sale of real estate held by co-owners)

Crowder & Scoggins, Ltd. can meet all of your real estate needs.