We have represented local governments, including cities and villages located in Monroe County, St. Clair County and Randolph County, a port district, a sanitary district, a street lighting district, fire protection districts, and police pension funds. We advise governmental entities on a broad range of issues relating to their activities and legislation—from minor ordinance violations to zoning issues to major bond issues and more. We have also represented individuals and companies who find themselves faced with local governmental issues involving governmental entities that we don’t represent.

We have written countless ordinances. We have successfully defended the validity of our clients’ ordinances in court. We have also successfully invalidated in court ordinances of local governmental bodies which we did not represent.

We have extensive experience negotiating and writing labor contracts for municipal police, street, water, gas, administrative and electrical employees.

We have handled numerous bond issues for cities, villages and other local governmental bodies. We have negotiated and written contracts for the operation and lease of railroads, dock and manufacturing facilities, municipal electric and water supply agreements, and agreements for the acquisition of multi-million dollar municipal utility equipment.

In short, we have experience in all facets of Municipal Law in Columbia, Illinois. We can handle problems involving municipalities or local districts and we have been successful in our municipal cases both in the trial and appellate courts.