Crowder & Scoggins, Ltd. represents people charged with state or federal criminal offenses—anything from a minor speeding ticket to DUI—from governmental theft to medical fraud—and from aggravated battery to homicide. We understand the stress associated with criminal charges, and we understand how anxious clients are likely to be about the outcome. Our practice is to tell our clients what to expect as they go through the process, and make sure we answer questions clients may have about their cases.

We also understand the impact that a criminal conviction can have upon a client’s life, so we work hard to require the prosecution to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt and to present a clear and effective defense. When there are plea negotiations, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of any plea offer that may be made, and help the client make the best possible decision.

Crowder & Scoggins will be there for you if you have the misfortune to face a criminal charge or are in need of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Columbia, Illinois.